About Us

Founder Rev. L. G. Haley has a sensitivity to ghosts, spirits and has had them around her entire life. She feels her interactions are second nature and very natural to her. But she understands that some people have a difficult time accepting or dealing with them. In some cases it is best to remove these "unwanted guests", for the protection of the live persons. Some spirits, ghosts etc are friendly, some are mischievous, some are possessive and don't wish to share their property. Some do things to draw attention, some have unfinished business and some are just down right mean. Then their are things other then spirits/ghosts, demons. Demons can very very dangerous and can appear in different forms a thrive on your fear. They are known to be deceiving and manipulating, they wish to destroy and control. Demons must be removed,  Demons are something that need to be taken very seriously and need immediate removal.

Rev. L. G. Haley has a nick name for her guests, she calls them "PETS" (people exiting this sphere). Ghosts are people that have not moved on for different reasons. Some have unfinished business some don't realize they have passed, their are many reasons. Most cases they don't mean harm and a balance between the living and non living can reach an understanding/harmony and live well together. But in other cases that understanding and harmony can't be reached and removal is the only option.

Rev. L. G. Haley and her husband live with several of their "PETS". It was an adjustment for her husband who at one time was a non-believer. But now is a believer in their existence and has interactions as well with them. He accepted them and allowed them to exist in harmony with him and his home and family. He learned acceptance and his wife Rev L.G Haley attachments to these spirits/ghosts. Positive interaction is possible in some cases. Rev. L. G. Haley's husband has a remark that goes "My wife really brings her work home." He means she brings home ghosts!  Can you say your spouse does that! lol.

History of project

Spirit Interventions Service has just gone public after 5 years due to the need for people to find the help they need. We no longer feel that people shun us away, they now understand there is a real need for our services. And we make a difference in peoples lives. We are here to serve your spiritual/bad energy needs.

Our users

Our clients are everyday people and business owners that find themselves dealing with ghosts/spirits and other paranormal occurances that they don't understand how to handle or they fear, or they are unwanted, and they don't understand what to do and how to rid themselves of their problem or learn to deal with thier "guests" in harmony. That is why we are here. We are discreet, confidential and professional. We also offer additional aftercare support by email or phone for as long as you need.