Self help assisatnce for clients

05/18/2014 07:22
As you know we help paranormal investigation groups and clients all over the US and all over the world, We teach the investigator and clients how to handle their own issues. If you would like us to teach you how to handle your own issues with your paranormal problem contact us today. Email us and...


05/18/2014 07:18
Spirit Interventions Services has branched out and we have formed a new team PMC. This is a bit different from our SIS company. With PMC we will be trying to prove or disprove different hauntings and showing everyone what we found and leaving it to you to decide what you make of the evidence we...

Attachment shopping

02/26/2013 11:17
Recently SIS paranormal society/Spirit Interventions Services had a attachment shopping outing. Attachment shopping is where you look for objects that have a spirit attached to them. We spent the day at Antique row in Pomona Ca. In our photo gallery picture page you can see first hand some items...

This year's accomplishments

11/26/2012 11:36
It's been a great year. Though we have one month left to this year we have already accomplished so much. We have sucessfully done 4 human demonnic possesssions. 8 plus cleansings, 9 property exorcisms and several home and businss blessings. Not to menton all the help we have given via our email...

GREAT NEWS: We started a brand new paranormal society SIS Paranormal Society

07/12/2012 07:23
Great news Spirit Interventions Services has opened a new paranormal society for all to join. It is called SIS Paranormal Society. Join and become a member today. There are no fee's and it's is non profit (with few exceptions) Join others that also believe in the paranormal. Share your stories,...

Some of our latest cases

07/06/2012 09:50
This is about some of our recent cases: Case #4377  Title: The possessed house We went on a call of a home that was recently purchased, but before the new family moved in the sellers wanted to cleanse the house. The home had been their family home. The client explained that their had...

Visitors notice

02/22/2012 02:37
Let us handle all your spiritual needs either by removing or teaching to accept and live in harmony.

Website launched

02/22/2012 02:36
Our new website has been launched today. We have just finally gone public with our business, but have been in existance for about 5 years.We were referred by word of mouth referrals. We have found a large need for our services and wanted to make our services available for general public.