GREAT NEWS: We started a brand new paranormal society SIS Paranormal Society

07/12/2012 07:23

Great news Spirit Interventions Services has opened a new paranormal society for all to join. It is called SIS Paranormal Society. Join and become a member today. There are no fee's and it's is non profit (with few exceptions) Join others that also believe in the paranormal. Share your stories, input, questions and expertise and more. Become a member and part of our paranormal community. Join today and you can access our email support. There you can ask questions get advice, share, and so much more. Our expert staff is there to help our memebers with their paranormal issues and questions and concerns. SIS Paranormal Society home base is in Fullerton Ca. but anyone from anywhere can become a member. From time to time we will offer to members gatherings, investigations and more. We will send each member a monthly email new letter with stories, events and various items shared throughout SIS membership. No one will be turned away. Sign up to be a member today just email us at give us your basic info and email address and share you interest and or expertise in the paranormal. Become a member today.


JOIN US ON FACE BOOK; SIS Paranormal Society: Like us on face book. Keep current with events. Share stories, ask questions. interact with other members. We are just a click away. or check out our website become a member of this growing community today.