Some of our latest cases

07/06/2012 09:50

This is about some of our recent cases:

Case #4377  Title: The possessed house

We went on a call of a home that was recently purchased, but before the new family moved in the sellers wanted to cleanse the house. The home had been their family home. The client explained that their had always been a bad spirit and bad energy in the home. But also at times a kinder spirit. She explained how at night you could hear them whispering (the good spirits) in her bedroom when she was growing up. But she was worried because the bad energy/spirit was getting stronger and stronger and it caused some harm to her family through out the years . Now that they had remodeled the home the bad energy/spirit had become even more active and angry and threatening. The sellers didn't want the new family moving in have to deal with what they had to their enitre time the lived in the home.  We arrived at the clients site. When you entering you could feel the heavy negative energy. We found the house had two spirits and one dark entity.. The dark entity was the one attacking the living and the two other spirits a older women and child spirit.. The two spirits would run and try to hide from the dark entity. The dark entity enjoyed making not only the two spirits frieghtned but the family as well. It even had the ability to make them physically sick. We performed a cleansing, property exorcims, and blessings. Glad to say that it was a great sucess home is clean and the darlk entity is gone and all is well.